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. N. scintillans has a ventral groove that runs through michael kors outlet it’s body which contains the flagellum, a tooth and a tentacle. [3]They also have a mouth like structure called the cytostome, which is used to capture and consume prey. Their nucleus contains chromosomes that are always condensed (dinokaryotic), except during interphase. michael kors handbags [6]N. scintillans is a phagotrophic species with many food vacuoles found throughout it’s cytoplasm. They engulf smaller marine species such as diatoms, protozoans, fish eggs, and cheap Michael Kors handbags certain bacteria, and then digest them in these food vacuoles.[1] N. scintillans also contains gas vacuoles, which are filled with cheap Michael Kors ammonia gas, that allow them to control their buoyancy. [7]Ecology and PathologyN. scintillans are found mostly in coastal areas, in both temperate and tropical waters. Their population density has been found to be dependent on food availability, which is why they tend to stay in shallow, coastal areas, where phytoplankton thrive. They are also a major factor on the population density
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