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old cold case involving missing toddler Now, investigators plan to use new technology, such as DNA examination and software that digitally ages photographs, Michael Kors in an effort to generate new leads in the case. Cpl. Cheryl Bush points out there has never been any evidence to suggest the girl is dead, raising the possibility Masters, who today would be 55 years old, is out there somewhere. "There is a possibility that this person is still alive. There was never any evidence found to the contrary," Bush said Monday. "If that’s the case, then maybe this will spark somebody to ask some questions that they always wondered about their past." Masters, who was referred to by her middle name, Bette Jean, was last seen playing with family and friends at a friend’s residence. The young girl, who had curly blonde hair, blue eyes michael kors outlet and a fair complexion, was wearing a green bonnet, a pink T shirt and faded overalls at the time. She had an oval shaped burn scar on her left arm, which investigators believe would
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