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forward, considering the typical "Sell in May and go away" mentality. KLA Tencor (NASDAQ:KLAC), Conoco Phillips (NYSE:COP), and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (NYSE:KKR) discount michael kors all saw very heavy call volume, and some people messaged me asking what this action was signaling. Always trying to educate my readers, this is part of a dividend capture technique used by MMs and huge investors to steal dividends. (You can read more about this technique here.) S cheap Michael Kors handbags ETF (NYSEARCA:SPY), S Index ^SPX, and the VIX were the top 3 in terms of option contracts today. The biggest name reporting earnings tonight is networking maker Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO). , CSCO is well over 2x average daily volume, headed for 3x, and bears and bulls are beating each other to a pulp trying to get in front of these earnings. CSCO typically only trades 110K contracts, but today saw more than 230K with 2 hours left to trade. Interestingly, front month volatility continued to rise, while both back month volatility stayed mostly flat. This signals front month
gig. "I’m in charge of Cheap Michael Kors Outlet knowing what everybody up through Triple A is doing, what their innings are, when they pitch, their parameters through the season, what their goals are," said Prior, who certainly knows all too michael kors handbags outlet well the fragility of the pitching elbow and shoulder. "Whatever Bud (Black) and Bals (pitching coach Darren Balsley) want, it’s up to myself and our staff to implement it, so they’re ready and able to do what (the Padres) want them to do. You can’t have a guy go up there and michael kors handbags not be able to execute how they want him to attack guys." OK, so here’s a stat for you. While michael kors handbags hardly sabremetric, it’s offered solely and simply for the purpose of boggling the mind, though it could be used for irony, for commentary on the vagaries and fickleness of baseball, but also the game’s absolute Michael Kors from china cruelty: Mark Prior, who hasn’t thrown a major league pitch cheap michael kors since Michael Kors he was 25, is only one year older than James Shields. They are teammates now, michael kors handbags the latter joining the Padres over the past few days as the ace
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